Friday, 3 September 2010

ENG VS BUL. What a load of BUL.......

I'm sitting in front of this computer slightly miffed that something I wanted to watch on tv, oh ok then I admit it, Coronation Street, has been moved because England are playing Bulgaria on itv tonight. The new football season has obviously started and stretches out in front of us heralding the start of chillier times. Bah!

I have been very busy at work this week since returning on Monday. Judith and I have been painting one of the stable blocks and managed to get it done before the arrival of my boss today, who has had a three month trip to the UK to compete three of her horses.
Having travelled through the night in a very large horse box she looked exhausted but gratifyingly was hugely impressed with how the stables had been transformed.

We now have three large bottles of sloe gin and vodka on the go. I'm not really a huge fan of spirits, but I must admit to finding the finished product very drinkable in a kind of sweet medicine sort of a way.

One of our neighbours stopped by for a chat earlier this evening. It seems we have been calling her husband by her name for all of this time. Why do the French have the same names for women and men? - We thought her husband was called Joel, but it appears she is called Joelle and he is called Lucien. He didn't seem to mind being called Joel bless him. I wonder why he never corrected us. Wasn't worth the bother presumably.

An old paramedic colleague of ours arrives tomorrow. I can't remember whether or not I told him just HOW rustic his accomodation for his stay is, but being ex-army I'm sure he will be able to adapt to it. As with all guests, a certain level of inebriation at all times will help to forget our state of advanced camping.
did I say advanced? - ahh.....


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