Tuesday, 14 September 2010

This is Neils' drum kit in the space that is to become our bathroom.

In the photo below is Neil on his kit, having a rattle. He looks happy doesn't he? Imagine how happy I will look when this is actually a bathroom and I will be able to have a proper soak in that bath thats behind him wrapped in plastic.

I bought that bath four years ago, when I thought renovating a house would involve a year or two (at most) in a building site before we would move swiftly on to drinking wine on an immaculate patio thinking how clever we were.


  1. Doh indeed!
    I have vivid memories of a kitchen with two trenches through it for over six months....

  2. nothing suprises me! Mind you, however bad you think your place is, there is always someone living in worse circumstances - I know a couple who spent two years in a tent in a barn. Nuts!

  3. He does look happy, and I imagine it's a good way to get rid of DIY frustrations!

  4. Everything takes longer then planned!! Are you building a sound proof room for the drums or are you far from your neighbours? Our young neighbour is learning to play the drums, now he is getting better I am at last starting to enjoy it:-) Diane

  5. You are right Jan, and he does play frequently!!

    Diane - we are some distance from any neighbour but yes, he is talking about building in some sound proofing. I don't mind the sound though - I know he is happy when he is playing the drums!

  6. Just to say that a bash on the drums would do me the world of good when feeling frustrated with life! But I play the piano, which is equally as good because the keys can be thumped jolly hard if need be. However, the piano was left behind in the UK but have an electric keyboard to keep me going. But it doesn't, because it lacks the thumpability factor!
    Re: baths. Just that really! Still with flannel and bowl, with a donated shower base being used for other things and not for its original use. Will look forward to seeing your bathroom done, which is going to be yonks of time sooner than the upgrade from that flannel and bowl!

  7. I tried to leave a comment on your blog yesterday Vera - It kept saying error - it was just to say I hope your lambs are doing ok xx


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