Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Our feet don't seem to be touching the ground at the moment we are so busy. On returning from the UK we have been working non stop and entertaining our latest visitor, Jason, who is an ex-colleague of ours. Well I say entertaining, in fairness we have been trying to provide an equal mix of work and pleasure for him. Work such as wood chopping and stacking and pleasure such as quad biking, trailbike riding, and the usual drinking of beer and wine and eating too much cheese and french bread.

For some reason (happily) we have had a social get together with friends on just about a daily basis, so he has had plenty of opportunity to get a taste of life in France. He has been checking flights for a return trip, so I guess he has enjoyed the experience!

Neil is slightly worrying me. He wanted nothing to do with the pigs, claiming that it was my project and that he was worrying that I would get too attached. He now comes down the garden on an almost hourly basis waxing lyrical about their latest 'cute piggy trait'.
Now he is wishing that we had bought a sow so that we could keep it and breed from it.

The apples and pears are falling rapidly, so we dragged the crusher and press out of the shed and pressed a load of both fruits. We tried them fresh from the press before deciding to add vodka and give that a try. Quite a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Jason is off home tomorrow and we are quite sad, as he has been a good fun guest and hasn't minded at all roughing it in the tent. Hopefully he will be back out soon with his other half Mel so that we can show them there is more to life than being a paramedic and nurse. Not that anyone in the NHS needs much persuading of that!!


  1. He has to return to get the tour of the property being towed in a bathtub...

  2. You sound a bit like me except I have not the animals to look after! I should be back to normal in the next couple of days but I now have a fridge full of tomatoes to do something with, not to mention the beans:-)Diane

  3. It's the only way to travel Helen!!! :)
    Diane, I blended mine (tomatoes) with a cheap tub of garlic soft cheese and some basil for a tasty soup - yum!!

  4. Roz my problem is there is too many just for me on my own and my freezer is full. I have done some in bottles, but it sounds like they do not bottle well from what I read on the web. Have also made sauce, (similar to HP), but that also needs bottles. I have not got the cash to go and buy another couple of dozen bottles which are getting low and I have a mass of figs now coming on!!! The days are too short and the night not long enough at the moment. I still have to finish painting the gates! Diane

  5. well done you for being so productive Diane, you put me to shame. Have you tried asking for bottles on a local forum - might be worth a go, that is if you can bear to make more sauce - bon chance!!


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