Wednesday, 1 September 2010

yay! I've got a camera!!

Ok, so now I am going to bore you silly with photos!!
I took these pics this morning at work,
This first picture is of the two yearlings in the foreground, Vinny and Vasco. The trouble maker two year old stallion Ugo is in the field behind them.
In the background is the indoor school and one of the stable blocks

Next is the second stable block with me walking Tom the 3 year old stallion who is still recovering from his leg operation

This is Lily. born this year. What a cutie!!


  1. You will never bore us with your photos Roz, especially if it is of horses:-) Diane

  2. Aren't they gorgeous! I'm so lucky to work there!

  3. Super horses...and that youngster!
    We're all going to be pleased that you picked up that camera!

  4. Thank you ladies - yes Lily is very sweet. Small but perfectly formed is what the guy from the national stud thinks!!!


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