Saturday, 11 September 2010

I admit - and as I have confessed before, I like a bit of inane televisual entertainment.
Tonight there is a programme about several celebrities in arctic conditions.

Neil, a seasoned medic on film sets, ruined the atmosphere by proclaiming that they are probably all in Cumbria with lots of crushed polystyrene. For me, anything with Gethan Jones is worth watching, even if he is wrapped in a 24 tog duvet.

Neil is just jealous. In a previous life he was a seasoned adventurer. Now in the same way I shovel shit, he chops a lot of wood. At least we aren't risking frostbite and minus 24 degree temperatures. Not for at least a few months anyway!!


  1. I vaguely saw part of that programme last night and I am sure Neil is right:-) Diane

  2. Don't encourage him Diane!!! ;)

  3. We missed it. Think it clashed with Casualty! Re the wind turbines, we'll be less than 300 metres from two of them, one either side :-(

  4. That is close Diane - will you get free electricity as a recompence (I really wish my question mark would start working again).

  5. No Roz, we won't, chance would be a fine thing!


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