Saturday, 18 September 2010

It's not what you know but who you know often in this life - and my sister in law Lesley who is a journalist and road tester with a weekly motoring magazine has once again pulled off a stunning piece of blagging with this beauty, loaned from the Caravan Club so that she could bring my in-laws down in pure luxury.

So much so I think all of us (Tess included) would rather like to move in permanently.

I had had a fair amount of vin blanc last night, a bit sad at the anniversary of losing my horse, but touched by the many emails of support I received here on the blog and also messages from many of my family and friends who knew how much she had meant to me, so I had retired early (ish) to bed when this campervan (doesn't sound a posh enough word for the vehicle outside) rolled into town.

This morning has been a lazy start to their holiday, with a large breakfast being followed by some trips up the ladder for a shower. I think we might all use the campervan tomorrow when we have worked out how to heat the water for the plush shower, it's lovely!!


  1. It looks wonderful!
    Perhaps we could downsize into it!

  2. Looks very comfy to me. I would love that parked in the yard so we could go on holiday at any time. One advantage to having no animals, but oh I do miss them. Having had horses, dogs and cats all my life, plus a few other odd animals from time to time, it seems very strange now without one of them to talk to. Diane

  3. You need an animal orientated group of friends Diane - we all muck in when anyone goes away and have a horse,dog,cat,pig,chicken and duck sitting service - it works brilliantly!!!

  4. It does look very comfortable and I can definitely see me, Steve and the dog in it!


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