Thursday, 9 September 2010

To breed or not to breed.....

No not Neil and I, but it's that time of year again and it seems Tess is coming into season.
Cue mental tussle as to whether to have puppys or not.

The list of good reasons not to hugely outweigh the list of why we should. In fact there is nothing much on the list of why we should other than my liking of cute bundles of black and white fluff, but until we get into sensible mode and get her sterilised it will always be a temptation.

I have just been reading a local forum (angloinfo) on the internet and someone has asked for information regarding local animal shelters for a dog. I know those of us who love animals tend to get a bit emotional when we think of poor abandoned beasts, but some of the replies were a bit over the top to say the least.

The person who posted said nothing of the circumstances - for all we know they may be asking for a neighbour or someone else - but a couple of the replies stopped just short of proclaiming the poster should be horsewhipped for careless abandonment of a helpless animal.

Sometimes (most times) the forums are a really useful source of help and information, but they also give 'know it alls' space to air their malice and make themselves feel superior. I did leave a message reminding them that unless we knew the circumstances perhaps it would be better not to judge, but I doubt they will be getting off their high horses any time soon.

It did make me think about the huge amount of animals in this country sitting in shelters that need a home though, which was a timely reminder that they don't need us adding to the dog population. Pants.


  1. Weird how forums turn up some really strange and unpleasant people among the rest who are just genuinely looking for some advice or putting stuff up for sale.
    Makes me wonder what they're like in everyday life once they get off the computer keyboard.

  2. I'm just glad I don't know them (I hope!!)

  3. If you are absolutely sure that you have good homes for puppies to go to and maybe you want to keep one yourself then I see no problem in having a litter. BUT, I worked for a vet in Zimbabwe who did all the work for the S.P.C.A. and it was heart breaking the number of animals we put down that had been abandoned and homes could not be found. I agree with you circumstances can change things, but a very good friend of mine in S.A. has just told me about a neighbour who has just moved out. The house is empty and up for sale but the cat has just been left there. Things like that are not acceptable. My friends cannot take on the cat as their dogs would kill it, so it has been landed on them to find it a home!!!! There are some very strange people in this world to my mind. Diane

  4. I have a local farmer who has offered the 'services' of his collie and says he would be able to rehome some pups, but I think I would find it difficult to let them go unless I was 101% happy about the home. So I think I will be sensible and not even go there.
    We got a cat with this house. We didnt come here until about 3 months after we signed the paperwork and the poor cat had been left here with no food or anything. Terrible. We had her sterilised and she has been a fat happy cat ever since!

  5. Gus is a 'rehomed'dog, and carries some psychological damage as a result. I would like Boolie, our springer spaniel, to have babies. Or rather, find another springer lady for him to have babies with. But we wouldn't have any say in where the pups would go, apart from having one or two ourselves, so we have hit a wall with that one. Difficult decisions to make when one has a superb animal friend and would like to see their line continued!

  6. and how could you possibly choose one - I'd want them all!!!!

  7. I've seen those adds too. It's sad. Especially since a lot of ppl just toss their dog out of the car on the highway, or something, to fend for itself. And there's no telling why the ppl placing the add can't take care of their pet anymore. Hell, they might be terminally ill for all anyone knows.

    My dear, lill' Pooch is in heat at the moment and has seemingly lost her tiny mind. There's a part of me thinking "oh, let her just have the damn puppies already if it'll shut her up!" but yeah... It's a lot more work than just looking at the cute bundles.

  8. what dog do you have choochoo - and thanks for reading and leaving a comment x

  9. We have a similar forum based not too far away, and there are some similar high-horsed folk on there. Also a lot of total idiots!

  10. Sad isn't it - Someone did post after me agreeing with my point of view which was nice!


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