Sunday, 21 February 2010

I smell of pee...

Not my own you understand, but it is an inevitable side effect of having an association with stabled horses that you will, at some point, smell of pee.

When I just had my own horse to deal with, it was difficult for me to detect this odour, although Neil was like a bloodhound and could smell me coming from ten thousand paces. Now I have a job at a local stud and mucking out several horses is a regular occurance even I can't bear the smell. "You stink of piss!" my husband lovingly informs me (I say lovingly because even though he can't bear the smell, the fact that I am, at last, bringing in some pennies is reason in itself to love me).

I wonder why it smells so bad? A lack of washing machine at the moment means that I am wearing the same clothes on my three consecutive working days as it seems pointless to make more clothes than necessary smell.

This morning on my way to work I opted not to pop into the boulangerie even though I was desperate for some bread as I didn't want the nice lady in there to think that I had turned into a smelly old tramp.

Oh well, it could be worse. At least the shower works!


  1. are they worse? I was thinking of getting pigs!!

  2. Not if you keep them properly...they're clean animals. BUT the boars have a certain je ne sais quoi...!
    I see you had a nice review in A Taste of Garlic, and well deserved too.

  3. Can join you in regards to recycling clothes. The water to my washing machine has been disconnected for a fortnight, and is one of those jobs Hubs is going to get round to, after he has potted his plants, dug the veg plot, wired the Tamwood paddock, had a snooze, etc..Have decided not to keep reminding him, but to wait until he enquires as to the whereabouts of his underwear and socks. 'In the dirty washing' I shall say. That should get him motivated! Meanwhile, my underwear is reduced to nil, but it is getting warmer and fresh air does one good, does it not?

  4. Thank you Helen - I didn't know about it until you told me and Vera - you could be waiting some time, I run out of underwear long before Neil, who performs a sniff test before deciding wether pants will go 'another day'...(he will kill me for writing that!!)

  5. Oh yuk! But it can't be worse than when my son was training to be a butcher... he absolutely reaked of meat when he got in, and the poor lad had to journey home on the bus with folk giving him funny looks!

  6. Raw meat is not a great smell either, and being on a bus must have been awful poor thing!


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