Friday, 26 February 2010

Mon chaton, le voleur

I defrosted two pork steaks yesterday and cooked them both on top of the woodburner. One was for my tea and I left the other in the pan, on a small table to cool before refridgeration. Then the storm kicked off and whilst I battoned down the hatches Tam took the opportunity to nick tomorrows lunch. He then added insult to injury by chewing it on the new chair (the one I don't get to sit on).
I shouted at him but of course he didn't know he wasn't supposed to have it the little git. Not au fait with cat training I ripped it off him and gave it to the dog. Thinking about it i'm a bit worried they've got a double act going on..

A friend of mine came around last night with her children. The youngest, a two year old suddenly decided she needed a pee which was a bit of a problem due to the toilet situation and the ladder – but being a country child she happily climbed on a hastily found old bucket as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

This morning I am considering the great mystery of the duck eggs - I have no idea where they are laying their eggs and as I don't have the time to follow them around, I am assuming one day I will find a large pile of rotting duck eggs. I guess I should have let her build up a few rather than take them every day. I am also having trouble with a white hen who insists on laying her egg in the stable. Quite how they (and her) never get trampled by half a ton of horse is also a bit of a mystery and why she doesn't choose the safety of her purpose built nesting box is beyond me.


  1. Keep the ducks shut in until they have laid. Give them a hard boiled one in the nest to keep them interested, and take the fresh away each day.
    As for the chicken....

  2. I tried to keep them in but I think the blighters must have ram raided the pen door when I went off to work!!

  3. They are fiends when they want to get out, I agree. One of our muscovys could climb up a wire fence. I watched it once because I just couldn't believe how this bird was getting out.


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