Monday, 8 February 2010

A quick guide to entrevous beton flooring (just in case you are having trouble sleeping!!)

We have slightly more of a floor today - which is good news as the view from our bedroom door was previously this.... a massive drop down to the bottom of the cellar

On Saturday with the help of Keith we levelled out a ridge around the top of the cellar and laid concrete blocks to hold some thin concrete beams and then concreted around the edge up to the wall

then the concrete beams were put in place

before rigid plastic blocks were slid between the beams to make a floor

These blocks are strong enough to walk around on, but will be covered with a layer of concrete to make the floor. All the concrete fills in the gaps around the blocks and ties the whole thing together. All very simple. Hurrah for technology!!


  1. I've seen those flooring/ceiling blocks in concrete, polystyrene and terracotta, but didn't know you get plastic ones too. The system is the same here, and is so much easier than in the UK with joists, floorboards and plasterboard.

  2. hi Jan
    thank you for joining the blog - I had a quick look at your site and obviously you are the person to ask if I need to pick brains on eco living!!

  3. Oh that looks so much easier than our experience of beams, metal grills, shuttering and concrete!

  4. Gosh, what a fast method of flooring. And you have a cellar! And you can get to your kitchen! And you won't fall down a hole when getting out of bed! You are most certainly making progress!


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