Wednesday, 17 February 2010

todays whinge

Neil has headed off to the UK to visit his family and decorate his friends' house. Back here the hall floor is setting, and although the concrete is a bit of a depressing grey colour, it has got to be better than the rotting wood that was about to collapse into the cellar.

Now I just want to get cracked on and put the whole area back together and looking homely. Neil has other plans. It is the curse of the dreaded first fix /order of works.

Apparently putting things back together and making it homely is the mistake we (actually I) make time after time, therefore making life difficult for ourselves.

I need to realise it is a building site, not a home for the time being, and avoid all efforts to put up pictures and curtains etc and filling it with junk.

I'm not very happy about this but I am sure reading this you will see that for once I have listened to Neil and taken on board his point of view.

I will just go and decide where my baskets will be hung up though...........


  1. I know what you mean..the urge to make things feel like home instead of a concrete storage shed is difficult to resist.

  2. I know, but think of all the dust that will settle on all your homely bits and pieces if you get them out too soon!

  3. Well, I am completely with you on the need to have a homely space. I have 'moved' into what will be the eventual dining room, and made a kitchen and a sitting area. And yes, it will get covered in dust, and yes it is a tad on the cold side because there are no windows just ill fitting shutters, but it will do to be going on with. I think it is called 'nesting'. And a long time ago my husband said that if a woman feels the need to nest and is therefore interested in building a home, then she is interested in her marriage / relationship. I have often repeated this back to him after purchasing 'homely' items which, to him, are quite frankly nonsense!

  4. nesting - I think you are right that is what I am doing, without the need to be doing it for a child! I guess I am nesting for the cats, dog and us!!


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