Friday, 5 February 2010

The work continues

If you were foolish enough to open my front door today this is what you would be greeted with

here is a distinct lack of a ground floor, although to be honest it is probably safer like this as it was so rotten. Neil has horded all the wood for future woodworking projects and is currently working out how the new floor needs to go in.

I have made life difficult as usual by wanting to keep the old wall that divides the space, as it is original cow poo and mud and I think it will make a nice feature for the entrance.

Access to the only toilet is now by ladder and tonight we will be staying elsewhere, somewhere that is quite modern and has a floor and access to a toilet. My mother will now be panicking that I have told the world that the house is empty, but seeing as there is nothing in it and anyone entering will probably fall immediately to their death I am not going to worry about it!


  1. Oh! An oubliette! Every house should have one.

  2. No holes in the floors here. Just hardened mud now covered over with stones and concrete. If we had a hole like yours it would now be a swimming pool seeing as how our underground water table is quite high due to our fairly close proximity to the River Adour. Still, with soap and flannel the interior pond would give me a copius amount of water to splash around in for a wash, and make a change from the bowl in the sink which is my normal form of washing facilities!
    Glad you arrived home safely. Enjoy the loo. We are still on porta-potties!

  3. Indoor swimming pool - ummmm, how posh would we be? We would have to swim to the kitchen though!!


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