Saturday, 27 February 2010

Orange alert

Apparently we are on orange alert for a bit of a howling storm tonight.
What I really want to do is have a bath and sit in front of a roaring fire for the evening - what I am actually doing is acting as taxi for some good friends to take them out to a pub for the evening. I did mention the storms, but as they are staunch party animals it looks like my night in will remain a bit of a fantasy!!

At work today I met the new arrival - a little chestnut colt, born in the early hours of Thursday morning. It never ceases to amaze me how huge they are and how they possibly fitted into the mother a few days previously!!

Here, mostly for Neil are pictures of the wall I am working on at the moment - a picture as I was uncovering the old wall and the next one of my lime and sand mortar in the right hand sections. The first one was a bit dodgy but I am happy enough with the second.
I plan to treat the wood with a rich coating to darken it down a bit so it stands out. Hope you like it Neil


  1. I'm very impressed, you're doing well!

  2. Am well impressed by your efforts, and the walls are going to look lovely.

    Also under orange alert but have yellow alert next door to us so are on the edge of the winds at the moment, or else the Meteo people haven't got round to colouring in those areas yet! Hope everything stays put in the wind, and nothing blows away for you, not even one single roof tile!

  3. Wall looks marvellous. Coming on a treat. Well worth the effort. Yes, I thought it was a bit windy the other night. Being a hermit recluse I had no idea a gale alert warning had been announced.


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