Thursday, 18 February 2010


I was over the moon yesterday when I took Tess and Tam to the vets - Tess for her annual jab and Tam for a check over.
Tam was a very poorly kitten when we first took him on, the vet thought he had a heart complaint and that he was unlikely to live. He was tiny for his age, had a massive eye infection and had a huge belly full of fluid and worms.

He is pretty unrecognisable these days, full of life, eats like a horse and is the most affectionate cat I have ever known. The vet says that his heart is perfectly normal now which is such good news.
He still has a bit of a problem with his eyes and the vet has given me a cream to put in his eyes twice a day. After which, all being well, he will be off to the vets to be castrated.
Neil has been joking that we should just get a couple of bricks and do the job ourselves - but seeing as he is yet to have the snip I think he should keep quiet in case I go for a group booking!!!


  1. Yes, men take untold risks joking about castration on a building site where there are so many concrete blocks and bricks lying about.
    The wrong word when a bout of PMT is raging could have unforeseen consequences.
    So pleased about Tam...it's a real triumph.

  2. Hmm,dangerous words of Neils, but I'm glad kitty's doing well.

  3. Good news about Tam and Tess - especially Tam. Hate it when pets have problems.


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