Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A nice day..

I had a lovely day today, although it started rather soggily when I wandered up the garden to let the chickens out in my pajamas and the heavens opened, soaking me within seconds. I wasn't too worried though, and a beautiful double rainbow more than made up for it.

I then got to work with an SDS drill, knocking the concrete render off a wall in our hall. Underneath is a wattle and daub style wall, which we have long dreamed of renovating. I managed to get the dust out of my lungs by going for a ride through some local woods and this time the weather held and it was lovely and mild.

This afternoon I took a very large bag of washing around to my friend Judiths house. I gave her a large bar of Dairy Milk chocolate by way of payment and we sat and had a coffee while she told me about her elderly neighbour, who has a skin tear on her leg.
The neighbour had discarded the dressing prescribed to her by the doctor in favour of a home remedy - which was just a coating of honey covered with a cloth. Judith had a look and told her there was an infection present, but she refused to believe Judith saying it wasn't infection, it was honey.
Luckily a nurse arrived and pointed out the error of her ways, but we doubt she will listen.


  1. We had an elderly friend who would acept the treatment - out of politeness, as she put it - and as soon as the nurse's back was turned, off it would all come and the home remedy would be applied.

  2. Its been wonderfully mild here today, and now down to wearing only five layers! Your ride sounded lovely. I walked the dogs for an hour which was most enjoyable. Dairy Milk! Mmmmmmmm. I have resisted the urge to put one in my trolley when shopping in the supermarket, but last week what with it being so cold I almost, almost, almost....did. But didn't!

  3. Dairy Milk... I haven't seen that for a long time! Some of the walls and ceilings in our village house are wattle and daub of some sort, they're extremely strong though aren't they!

  4. Helen old people are the same the world over - but it's their life!! I love hearing about these old fashioned remedies and honey is supposed to have healing properties - its the old bit of cloth that concerns me!
    Vera, the dairy milk was bought back from the UK by someone who had been to asda - I couldn't possibly justify buying it here! (shame - though not for my expanding waistline!!)
    Jan I am really hoping the walls are strong - it's a fascinating structure - people were so ingenious weren't they?!


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