Saturday, 13 February 2010

With a little help from our friends

We are hugely grateful to our friends here for everything they do for us, and as usual we had a willing band of helpers for the arrival of the concrete lorry yesterday afternoon.

Despite the weather still being freezing we decided to crack on with concreteing the middle of the house as Neil is going to the UK on Wednesday and desperately wanted to get it done before he leaves.

The lorry swung into the house perilously close to the roof (we were rather concerned as the driver has a penchant for whisky and it was directly after lunch), but the driver managed to park close enough to get the chute within range of the house.

We gave the driver a bit of a shock as he drank his coffee in the house after the lorry was emptied. The computer was on random photo slideshow and he nearly spat his coffee out as a picture of Neil came onto the screen naked and posing with his penis pokey book (a gift from someone who knows Neil well - thanks for that Claire).
I explained what an exhibitionist he is and no doubt news of odd goings on at chez nous will be round the village in no time. Not that Neil will give a toss.


  1. Great that you have such a group of friends to help you.
    As to the slide show, you'll know he's talked if lots of local ladies come visiting at odd hours....

  2. That would be interesting - mind you its a bit cold for him to repeat his performance!!

  3. Glad you got the floor done, though I suppose it'll take its time drying this weather! We have horrendous memories of helping friends concrete their garage floor with 8 tons of the stuff... in the heat of the summer.


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