Friday, 19 February 2010

Tous sont pleins!

We have a dutch friend who breeds fresian horses. I had never come across this breed before, but they are a strong, solid breed of horse with a placid temperament used for riding and driving.They are always black in colour and I think, very striking.

The first time I met this friend Nicolene was in very difficult circumstances. My horse had just been put down and she had come around with her husband who had a tractor to move my horse to the side of the road. I opened the front door and Nicolene stood there, a tall amazonian lady, and I just burst into floods of tears. She gave me a hug and due to my lack of height I found myself cuddling her chest!! Since then we have become friends and often ride out on her horses.

Yesterday the vet came to test three of the mares for pregnancy. He said that at their stage of pregnancy, if indeed they were pregnant, that echography could be dangerous and that to feel manually would be safer. The poor guy had to don a huge plastic glove and went in via the rectum to have a feel. "Elle est pleine!" he announced for the first horse. "Boy or girl?" asked Nicolene, the vet just shrugged and went "It's black!!"

All three are pregnant so this summer we will have some beautiful black foals gambolling around with a bit of luck. I can't wait!!


  1. I remember Friesians as being imported to be used by undertakers for funerals. Black, impressive and calm, walking under their plumes ahead of the hearse.
    Super horses, look forward to seeing pics of the foals.

  2. Lovely looking horses, and I so envy you the joy of riding. Would love to have a go myself, but think that probably that project will be one I pursue in my next life-time!

    Glad you have found a friend. Making new friends is important when one is building a new life in a new country, and glad for you that you are doing just that.

  3. I am really lucky - I always felt priviledged to own a horse, even though it kept me poor!! Now I am fortunate to be able to ride without the responsibility of ownership!!

  4. Pleine... very similar to the Catalan word meaning 'full', which makes sense I suppose!


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