Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The latest pics..

Neil has been performing some fine joinery with a chainsaw for the opening between the barn and the hall. We had a worried phone call from a Fred (our friend who lives in the Loire) who having studied the previous blogs photos thought we were being a bit lapse with our supports for the beams. Neil has since added to the structure to make them safer, although there is no first floor or foot traffic to support at the moment. As always, any advice is gratefully received in these parts - especially from Fred who has so much experience.

The next photo is of Neil pondering on the first of the lintels for the opening. He does a lot of standing around like this.

The last photo is of Tam. We have added to his woes by having had his nuts off this morning. Hence the dozy, slightly pissed off expression. Still, at least his nose has healed and is back to one piece.


  1. Onward, ever onward! Repeating these words endlessly over and over: "All good is coming to us" and "We can, we can, we can, we can do this" might help those moments when the task in hand seems just a bit too hefty.
    Wishing you both 'bon courage', which our French neighbours are endlessly saying to us.

  2. we must be mad!
    My friend Mel came over today and asked if 'all this' really gets me down!
    Sometimes, I replied when I just want to come into a warm home, have a bath and lie down on a sofa.
    At the moment the house isnt that warm, and the sofa and bath are in storage, but as you say onward, ever onward!!.


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