Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sorting myself out

I've had my first brush with the medical profession in France this week. I haven't been feeling quite myself of late, but being an ex-paramedic I am allergic to sorting myself out and possibly rather stupidly am of the "stick my head in the sand" school of life. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong, possibly nothing,but just feel more tired and cold and a variety of symptoms that point at nothing really.

I actually went to the doctors the day before yesterday (so that when Neil came home he wouldn't tell me off for not doing anything) and sat in the waiting room for two hours waiting my turn. It suddenly occured to me, as I was the last in the room that everything had gone very quiet. Give it 10 more minutes I thought, he may be writing up notes. Still quiet. I investigated. Every bugger had gone. Luckily the front door was still open so I was able to let myself out. Cheers for that.
I phoned the surgery the next morning and told them what had happened. No apology. "So do you want to come today then?" was the only hint that she had understood what I had said.

I went last night and had the most thorough examination I have ever had. The gp was worth waiting for and before I knew it was booked in for mammograms and blood tests and was given a diet sheet (joy)! Apparently in France women start mammograms at 40.

I went for the blood test this morning at 7am. I threw the croix rouge into mass panic because I didn't have an appointment, and then I had a panic because I didn't have a mutuel (top up) health insurance and I thought it may be an expensive morning. I was relieved to hear "One euro eighty nine centimes please". I think I can manage that!


  1. We've only just got the hang if our village's system, having recently been the last in the waiting room. The nurse came out and said "are you waiting for me?" as she didn't know that Steve needed a blood test. Luckily she did do it for him!

  2. Two hours wait sounds right for here in the states. I try not to go but the changing weather here in the states is giving everyone a cold. could be I am just getting older noooo that cant be it LOL

  3. Nice that women's health is taken seriously..and glad it was cheap!
    Best of luck sorting it out.

  4. Jan I have never heard much about the Spanish system - I guess that means it is neither terrible or outstanding but freeasthewind - I thought the only hold up in the States was when they checked your insurance papers and then it was all systems go?!!
    Helen, you are right, it's all very reassuring and I have just spoken to the doctor who says I'm fine thank goodness!! Thank you all for commenting

  5. Nope here in the states there are more uninsursed than insured. But if you go to the ER there is usually 3or 4hr wait and at the drs. office it is at least 2hrs. Thank goodness you are okay. But also it depends on the doctors here. The good ones dont take as long and the are really good. But, I think there are more medicore doctors here than good ones.


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