Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Arrivals and Departures

The pictures are of the new arrival at work, stable name Poppy born yesterday morning at about 7am - isn't she gorgeous.

Next photo is of Neils' handwork cutting the beams in the hall to insert a 'trimmer' beam to rest a flight of stairs on (the stairs still are in plank form as previously shown, drying out!!)

The departure is my birthday present to myself, finally handing in my notice to the ambulance service who had given me a career break to move out here. It was a kind of safety net in case things didn't work out, but I really didn't want to go back whatever had happened, so posting the letter today is a bit of a landmark. Hurrah!!


  1. What a beautiful foal. Spring has arrived, then...

    Neil's a tidy worker, isn't he? Is that authentic French woodworm holes i see? No house complete without...

    Nice that you had such a good relationship with your now ex employers...it gave you, as you say, a safety net and time to get on your feet...but now you're not just walking, you're running!

    Happy birthday!

  2. "drying out!!" haha - my husband used to say things had to season. I remember our first maisonette, we got some secondary double glazing (yes I know that is dating me!) cheap so of course had to take it....it was still seasoning on the bedroom floor when we sold the maisonette....... with double glazing! I know how you feel, I have just relinquished one of my safety nets so I can concentrate on other things.

  3. Aha, french woodworm looks the same as spanish! Lovely bobbo pictures too.

  4. And hurrah for you! Shutting the doors behind you as you move into a new life will help make that new life a success. So well done you for sending that letter. It means that you will be able to continue going forward.....

  5. There aren't many perks working for the NHS Helen, but career breaks are at least one of them and yes - lots of French woodworm around here!
    softinthehead - good on you! hope it works out, whatever you are doing. Jan are bobbos horses? I take it they are and Vera I am on my way forward, I just have a million and one things to do on the way!!


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