Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sloshed in France

When I was driving home from work at yesterday I happened across a couple of drunkards on the road heading towards my house.
I recognised my husband and friend Keith meandering zig zaggy stylee along said road.
It transpired that they had been 'helping' our neighbours re-stock their lake with fish and afterwards had partaken of 'refreshment' to be social. This kicked off an afternoon of excess which made work this morning a rather unpleasant experience.

I didn't notice that Tam wasn't present yesterday afternoon but became concerned when he didn't appear last night as that isn't normal for him. I eventually found him in the early hours of this morning looking like he had had a severe pasting. He has definately had a trauma of some sort and his nose looks rather odd. I will be taking him to the vet as soon as it opens to get him looked at. It's an expense we could do without but I have got rather attached to the little fella.


  1. Oh dear, I hope Tam's ok.

  2. Yes, the perils of helping your neighbour...
    I do hope Tam's O.K. - you've done such a great job with him.

  3. Thank you for your good wishes - I have passed them on to Tam!xx


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