Friday, 19 March 2010

The velux goes in...

The velux didn't get put in the other day, as it looked like rain may be imminent so Neil decided not to make a hole in the roof. It's going in today though, and as grey clouds gather he is working furiously to get the damn thing in place.

The velux is going in high on the roof fairly close to the apex, as we want maximum light above the twisting staircase (that Neil is making next week). This has complicated matters as the roof tiles Neil needed to remove are stuck in place by those concreted to the apex.

I was also a bit worried about him as he was on the landing, on some boards on tressels (not sure how you spell that) and then on the top step of a 'hop up'on top of that. It all looks a bit wobbly so I called our tall friend Denis to come and help him manoever the window into place ( because I am a shortarse and allergic to wobbling platforms).

The instructions to fit the velux appear to have been drawn by a three year old with no interest in windows, so Neil has been consulting the internet at every stage to make sure he is doing it correctly. Martin did show us how to put one in, but that was ages ago and Neils head has been full of a hundred of other things since and we have both forgotten how to do it. Doh!!

I am happy to report that the window is in, that it is now raining and there are no signs of leaks. Another thing ticked off the list!!!


  1. Good job you didn't get the artisan francais...I remmber christmas dinner under umbrellas...indoors...


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