Friday, 5 March 2010

Shock news - I'm normal!!!

I have just spoken to the Doc and she says all my results are normal. Not bad seeing as they were only taken yesterday morning and today they were in my postbox.
I've obviously got a small case of Munchausens.

This has started a bit of a health kick in our household though, and the diet we were supposed to be starting on our return to France after the Christmas break has at last commenced. Well, I say diet. We have tried to lessen the anxiety of being on a diet by calling it 'a sensible lifestyle' which in turn means trying to cut out the crap.

With characteristic bad timing Neil just had returned with a case full of dairy milk and curly wurleys and they have been put in a sealed bag "only to be opened in case of emergencies", but it's amazing what qualifies as an emergency round here.

What definately qualifies was that the other day I went round to our friends' Mel and Alans place and on close examination, a chunk of their roof had blown up and become displaced. What makes it worse was that after the stormy weather I had gone round to check on the place and as I had not ventured down the garden which was the only vantage point where you could see all the roof, I had called them and told them all was well. Doh.

Anyway once again Martin Curtis came to the rescue and shimmied up the roof like a ferral cat and sorted it out. I found a stack of new tiles to replace the broken ones and before long the roof was sorted. So Martin - if you want a curly wurly - come and get it!!!!


  1. Great you're O.K. - now you can put your head in the sand for a while longer!

  2. Thanks so much again for sorting out our house Roz and if your reading Martin, I owe you a large drink.


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