Monday, 22 March 2010

Construction update!

This is our new staircase. Well, it will be one day. Apparently it needs to dry out for a bit first. Following construction it will be going in this hole

The beam you can see is at chest height on the first floor, so the idea is that the staircase will go up and divide beneath it to allow access to either side. We couldn't bear to chop out this lovely bit of carpentry (and it would seriously undermine the roof to do so.

The area of light you can see on the left hand side is yet another velux going in, now that Neil has practiced and got the bit between his teeth - so its all happening here at chez nous.

I have just got back from the vets with Tam (again) this time he has been given the all clear - he no longer has a temperature or dodgy eyes - just a rather odd shaped nose, but that doesn't seem to be giving him any problems.


  1. Glad about Tam :-) Beams in old houses are a bit of a problem sometimes - I banged my head yet again this morning!

  2. So pleased about Tam.
    If Neal has mastered installing a velux he should start offering training courses to various French builders in this neck of the woods.

  3. I am so impressed with Neal's DIY skills. My man is excellent at some things, but DIY is something neither of us can particularly engage with. At the moment a shelter for the sheep is causing us no end of mental ponderings! So building a staircase? I don't think that is ever likely to happen, and good for you two that you are going to have a go.

  4. Great blog Roz - my favourite kind, people renovating an old house in France. We are doing the same thing, but long distance from Canada! Hoping to moving over later this year .. to Haute Vienne! I'll be back :)

  5. Impressive stuff. Glad you're keeping that lovely beam - as if you had a choice! We had a similar beam when the small loft at our previous place (petite peasant's shack) was converted. But at hip level, not chest. Didn't find it a problem. Came in quite useful for hanging our rags on. Used to vault (perhaps not the right word) over it to get past. In your case, you'll just have to remember to lower your head.

  6. Thank you everyone - I have been showing Neil your comments as he is always so hard on himself and his diy skills so thank you for being so positive.
    soft in the head - are we to be neighbours? I look forward to welcoming you - when are you here full time?


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