Monday, 29 March 2010


This was how my hall looked as I headed off for work this morning......

and this was how it looked when I got back......

If the house wasn't draughty before (it was) it sure will be now!! We are planning an arched doorway in the hole on the right and the staircase will go in the hole on the left. A candle will go in the little hole in the middle!!!


  1. No pain, no gain! Coming on a treat.

  2. Got to make a mess before being tidy! And at least the draft will be of warmer air rather than freezing cold. And it is better to be breathing in fresh air rather than the dry centrally heated stuff of the UK. And, anyway, it's exciting knocking holes in walls and then wondering if the house is going to fall down as a result, don't you think? Ah the joys of house renovations.

  3. We need to get our bottoms into gear now and get this house moved on - I don't want to be open to the elements next winter and I'm hoping that the snow in Scotland doesn't do an about turn and head for the Limousin!!!


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