Friday, 19 March 2010

dream on............

It's my birthday on Wednesday and when my mother rang today to let us know a UK credit card bill for Neil had dropped on the doormat for in excess of £100 I thought for one brief moment (actually I didn't - but for the sake of the blog pretend I did) that perhaps an exciting present was en route.
"Was it spent in tiffanys?" I enquired
"It's £100 worth of gold screws from Screwfix" was the reply.


  1. There are men who think that this would be acceptable as a present...as Neil is still alive, clearly he's not one of them.

    Happy birthday for wednesday.

  2. I think we used to be one of their best customers, and ended up with a free T-shirt!

  3. Happy birthday for Wednesday, Roz, and hope that the coming year is full of fun, merriment, adventures, and enjoyment for you.
    Well, they were GOLD screws, not your bog standard grey ones!

  4. I look forward to receiving the t shirt Jan, we must be one of their best customers and Neil pours over every screwfix email like a normal man would look at porn and Vera thank you for my birthday wishes!


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