Monday, 15 March 2010

The vets

I have been worrying about taking Tam to vet, of paramount concern is his wellbeing but also the huge cost that taking him could involve. Now that I am working five mornings a week the day to day costs are largely taken care of, and we were enjoying the sense of relief that brings. It seems to be a fact of life that just when you think you are getting your head above the water something comes and drags you down.

But back to Tam, I was so worried that I would take him and they would recommend expensive surgery, extensive tests and spending lots of money. I have got used to the sinking feeling of having your pet dragged away from you for surgery that you often wonder is more about the fact it can be done rather than must be done.

Yet again I have been suprised by the more matter of fact system in France. In the UK because lets face it, your animal is your baby, the vets seem to feel they have carte blanche to spend your money without a thought of how you are going to afford it - presumably because most people have insurance now and/or because we are all so soft.

The vet decided the primary concern for Tam is that his temperature is up, and they have given him antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and I am to keep him in and then take him back tomorrow to see if his temperature has gone down.
They seem to think that although his face is unsightly at the moment it is not doing any great harm and they are going to leave it alone.
So I was getting over the shock of not having my cat whizzed away from me and a 'sign your animals' life away' form stuck under my nose when the vet asked if his eyes were any better.
'Well they were until he ran into a car or whatever it was' I replied. 'Good good, carry on with the drops and we will see you tomorrow'.
I was out of that surgery like a rat up a drainpipe with my little kitten tucked safely under my arm.


  1. Ahhhh I hope tam feels better. Mine could cause me to go broke but of course at this minute I have three pit bulls, A mama Cat and three rather active kittens and 2 cockateils and a finch. So this is a very active house at the minute

  2. It sounds as though the French have a similar attitude towards veterinary treatment to the Spanish... don't do what isn't necessary. Hopefully Tam will mend ok.

  3. French vets are great. Similar experience to yours, but with Bools recently. Couldn't fault attitude of the vet. So much different to the 'guilt' complex the UK vets used to shove on me. Hope Tam gets well soon.


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