Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sunshine - hurrah!!

A bit of sun seems to cheer everybodys' spirit and even the weather girl on our local radio was full of joy this morning on my way to work. 'Warm and sunny' she declared, and the sky will be 'decorated' with a few clouds. A nice way to put it I thought.

At the stables this morning there was frantic activity. A team had come to landscape the grounds, and a greasy looking foreman shook my hand and called me Mademoiselle which nearly made me choke on my wrinkles. The young girl I work with had a quick look at the assorted motley crew and declared them to be 'dissapointingly lacking in talent' but I realised she must have had a rethink when I clapped eyes on her later, swanning around the yard in a tiny vest top when up until now she has been hidden under several layers of fleece and puffa jackets.

The young two year old stallion continues to make my life exciting. He is just like a mouth on legs and handling him is not for the faint hearted. He tends to rear up if you get angry with him, but I have noticed he doesn't tend to kick out at all which does make life easier. He's good looking though isn't he?!

Neil is having a stressful day putting a velux in. We have had the windows some time and the manufacturer has obviously changed all their models and also their fitting instructions. Most of it is straight forward - but the one bit Neil wants to verify is conspicuous by it's absence on the website. It's quite a big job to make a hole in the roof that we lovingly put up a couple of years ago, but I'm sure after a few of Neils' normal bursts of tourette type swearing it will all be fine.

I'm off shortly to take Tam to the vet again. After a bit of an improvement yesterday he is refusing to eat today, is not vocal at all (very unusual for him) and has a bit of a temperature. Thank you to everyone who has sent him get well soon messages, I will keep you informed.

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