Thursday, 11 March 2010

Snow - AGAIN!!

We have been away for a couple of days to the Loire to see our friends Jacqui and Fred. We met Jacqui years ago when she was an A&E receptionist at the hospital we took most of our patients into. They escaped to France long before we did and love their life here. They renovated an old abattoir and now have a lovely cosy little home.

I thought getting away would give Neil a chance to get away from it all for a bit, but endless talks with Fred about 'the project' only served to increase Neils' desire to get on with our place and he was itching to get back, while I was enjoying being warm, being spoilt rotten by Jacqui, having a bath and a staircase to walk up to bed! (that and copious quantities of wine!)

As we drove back down the country the weather started getting more and more dismal as we got further south and sunshine turned to cloud, cloud to mist and mist to snow. Snow! I have lost count of the amount of times it has snowed this winter and there was I buying some plants confident in the knowledge that summer (or at least spring) was finally on its way. Shows what I know.


  1. Really depressing, isn't it? I am longing to get started outside, but as yet there's no point.

  2. Are you down towards the Pyrennees? There's been more snow there, but we're hoping that more doesn't make it's way further south to us!

  3. There's snow here in the high Creuse region (again!) and it's bitterly cold. This rubbish winter just seems to go on and on. I keep running out of bread, sharing it with the birds. Apparently down in north-east Spain (Pyrenees area) they've had the worst snowstorm in 25 years.

  4. We are in the Haute Vienne on the border of the Dordogne - it was only a sprinkle but I'm fed up of it!!! I've got lots of bulbs and seedlings to get started and the house isn't warm enough to get on with it!!
    At least it's not raining - keep warm everyone!!xx


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